Hi, I’m Debbie, and I’m an RSS-aholic! I’ve been using them for some time, and have got to the point where if I visit a webpage regularly, I start looking for a little orange button so I can add the feed to Bloglines.

I find them very useful, both personally and for work. They do save me time, and it’s much simpler to have all the new information in one place than to have a load of tabs open, or wait for several webpages to load. That said, I do sometimes suffer from reading a summary or part of a post, thinking ‘that’s interesting, I’ll read that later’, pinning the article…..and then forgetting to go back and do the actual reading. So I try to only check my feeds when I know I’m going to have time to read anything that catches my interest.

I think they’re a useful way to communicate with users. For example, I’m subscribed to the Library’s news feed, and I see information there more often than I visit the website. I think the same may be true of some of our users.

I’ve found some interesting things through subscribing to feeds, so if anyone has any recommendations, please feel free to leave them as a comment!

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