I use delicious quite a lot – we have an account set up for Environmental Technology, which we use for listing various useful resources – for example, ones mentioned mentioned by lecturers as recommended reading, or free online resources that are subject relevant. I’ve found things by clicking on tags to see what others have saved, which is a change from using a search engine – it’s also interesting to see how many other people have saved a link, as it gives you an idea of whether it’ll be useful or not.

I use delicious for personal things too – I mostly tag stuff on there if I think I might want it later, but not frequently enough to bookmark – my bookmarks are overflowing as it is!

There’s a handy application for checking all your links are still available, which I’ve found very useful when checking the Env Tech account – checking 317 bookmarks indivdually would be a bit of a pain. It’s called FreshDelicious, and you can download it from here. You get a report of which links are giving error messages, and then you can either delete them or mark them to check again later.

I do have a flickr account, but I don’t really use it. I think this is probably because I don’t take many photos, and when I do, they’re of people; I’m less happy about putting those online than I would be photos of landscapes. I think that flickr could have applications for the library – we could put up a set of pictures of the new ground floor, for example, so people can explore it before they come over.

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