In common with approximately half the internet*, I downloaded Google Chrome when it was released. I then opened it, played with it once, and promptly forgot about it. But earlier this week, I had to be away from my usual PC, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to try something new.

I’m always slightly suspicious of Google. Despite their claim that they’re not evil, I often can’t shake the feeling that they’ve watched too much ‘Pinky and the Brain’ and sit there every night plotting to take over the world. Them launching a browser is clearly their next step on the path to world domination. But it sounded so good…

Chrome is definitely fast. And the fact that each tab is almost a separate browser is very handy when one site you’re looking at crashes – everything else is fine, which is a nice change from the whole browser crashing. I don’t like the combined search & address bar – the flashing up of things as you type annoys me. And a few sites which I regularly use don’t like Chrome – they either say they don’t support it, don’t allow me to use a full range of features, or tell me to upgrade my browser – though this is the sort of thing you expect for a beta service.

I think, on the whole, the main thing that I dislike about it is that I can’t customise it. I’m an inveterate fiddler – I add buttons to toolbars in Word & Excel, I change settings in Outlook. Firefox, with its many many add-ons, is more or less aimed at me, and I’m far too attached to it to let go. Yet.

*disclaimer: I in no way tried to research this, it’s just a guess.

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